Our research fields are as follows:

Knowledge Representation with Deep Learning

  • Knowledge Graph Embedding and Completion
  • Reliable Knowledge Graph Path Representation Learning
  • Context-aware Relational Learning for Knowledge Graphs
  • Open-World Knowledge Graph Completion for Unseen Entities and Relations

NLP with Deep Learning & Knowledge Graphs

  • Knowledge Injection for Conversational Recommender System
  • Persona-Grounded Response Generation with Commonsense Knowledge
  • Empathetic Response Generation via Recognizing Emotional Feature Transitions
  • Active Learning for Information Extraction from Unstructured Text

Semantic Web Services: Discovery, Selection, Composition

  • Conceptual Modeling (Ontology Development & Integration)
  • Efficient Processing of Scalable Linked Data and RDF Streams
  • Smart Objects Discovery and Composition in the Internet of Things

Theoretical and Technical Foundations of Service-Oriented Computing

  • Service Discovery and Selection
  • Service Composition and Engineering
  • Service and Business Process Modeling