Our research fields are as follows:

Knowledge Representation and Deep Learning

  • Knowledge Graph Embedding and Completion
  • Context-aware Relational Learning
  • Graph Embedding and Classification
  • Latent Feacture Models
  • Context-aware Recommender Systems with Matrix and Tensor Factorization

NLP with Deep Learning & Knowledge Graph

  • Knowledge based Information Extraction
  • Relation Extraction
  • NL based Question Answering on Knowledge Graph
  • Spatial Keyword Query on Knowledge Graph
  • Sentence Ordering
  • Knowledge based Recommendation

Web Services + Semantic Web/Social Network/Mobile Computing

  • Semantic Web Services: Discovery, Selection, Composition
  • Socially-enhanced Services Computing
  • Context-aware Adaptive Mobile Web Services
  • Migration and Reconfiguration of Web Services in Mobile Environments
  • Service Oriented Middleware for Smart Embedded Mobile Devices
  • Novel Interaction/Interface Techniques for Web Services

Theoretical and Technical Foundations of Service-Oriented Computing

  • Service and Business Process Modeling
  • Service Discovery and Selection
  • Process Choreographies & Service Orchestration
  • Service Composition and Engineering

Web Science & Cloud Computing

  • Mashups in the Web of Things (Data, Services, Presentation, Devices, Things)
  • Cloud Services Management and Composition
  • Smart Devices and the Web
  • Crowdsourcing and Web Engineering
  • Conceptual Modeling and the Semantic Web (Ontology Development & Integration)
  • Semi-structured Data and XML