Lecturer - Computer Science

In the classroom, I have tried to both demonstrate high competence in my fields and convey knowledge of my fields to students. I have also tried to organize coherent and useful Course, stimulate student thought, challenge student assumptions, and establish a realistic but demanding set of expectations.

Excellence as a teacher is a high standard and one that I believe I have met. As a result, recently, I won the 2010 best teacher award from Yonsei University. The awards are given to the top 10 percent of the full-time faculty members based on student evaluations each year. Although I am confident that my teaching is of the high standard appropriately demanded by the Yonsei University faculty, I anticipate continuing to devote a great deal of attention and effort to improving my work in the classroom.

At the undergraduate level, my most commonly offered Course are Internet Programming(sophomore) and Mobile Programming(senior). In these Course, I have tried to convey the knowledge of my research fields to students. I have taught these Course primarily as a lecture based Course that covers important principles, knowledge, and technologies for SW design and development in the Internet/Web and mobile computing fields. Although the classes are lecture based, they also include and require student presentations, individual programming assignments, team project, and a hands-on laboratory component. The senior level Course emphasizes extensive practical experiences to develop creative ideas into real systems.

At the graduate level, my most commonly-offered Course have been developed in light of my research interests and expertise. The graduate Course include Service Oriented Computing, Web Services, and Mobile Web Services. These Course coincide with my research fields. I developed these Course to stimulate students' creativity and have them experience and explore cutting-edge themes in this field.